Initial Brainstorm

First I had to come up with a topic for the website, and eventually settled on an informative website regarding various flowers in order to show 12 cards displaying information on the home page

Content Planning

From this I then decided on which flowers would be featured on the website based on popularity (roses, lilies, carnations, gardenias, peonies, daffodils, bluebells, lavender, garden roses, tulips, poppies) and planned out and settled on the content for the Home page, the ‘About’ page, and the ‘flowers’ page.

Initial Coding

Next I began to code the project, beginning with the HTML of the project, and followed by the CSS. I wrote this code with the ‘mobile-first’ mindset for website design and settled on pastel colours so that they would be easier on the user’s eyes, as well as help the images of the flowers stand out.

JavaScript Additions

I then wrote the JS for the hamburger menu, and wrote the media-queries for the CSS so that the layout of the website would change based on the device.

Code Refining

After the code was finalized I then made sure there were no other issues present and adjusted certain design choices (background colour and card colour and padding) for the final code.

Content Additions

I also added content to the about page (information about popular flowers for birthdays, weddings) and the flowers page (various flowers information, meaning behind flowers, popular flower combinations).

Home Page

See the Pen Untitled by Lileya (Leah) (@Lileya-Leah) on CodePen.

Flowers Page

See the Pen Mobile Web Flowers Project: Flowers by Lileya (Leah) (@Lileya-Leah) on CodePen.

About Page

See the Pen Untitled by Lileya (Leah) (@Lileya-Leah) on CodePen.