Planning and Design Document Creation:

The project was broken up into various phases, with the first phase being the planning and creation of a Design Document.

Background Elements

I then finalized and created the topic overview, user persona, user scenario (including an end user goal), empathy map, journey map, user flow (flowchart), and low-fidelity wireframes.


This phase consisted of changing the low-fidelity wireframes into a high-fidelity prototype on figma and had to include the major processes outlined in phase 1.

Selection of Interactive Elements

The major processes I included as interactive in the prototype were the checkout process, the shop all/add to cart process, and the sign-up/login processes.

Usability Testing

The prototype was then sent to various users in order to check the usability of the site and address any issues that could be resolved.

Refinement and Quality Check:

This phase focused on implementing changes based on usability tests of the high-fidelity prototype, including an analysis of the findings. After analysing the results of the maze usability tests, I was then able to implement changes to my prototype’s design.

Process and Wireframes